Episode 20: #Soccermoms


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Stop, Drop and Play. Stop, Drop and Play is an Irish podcast that focuses on the world of Video Games, Television and Movies, but also includes general discussion of a whole other range of topics. Each week you can expect to hear about all the latest news from all these areas, along with hilarious random discussions that border on being nonsensical. Audience participation is a vital aspect of this show for us, so please feel free to write in to us at @stopdropandplay on Twitter or stopdropandplay@gmail.com, with any comments or questions you have.

The Boys are back in town this week as we chat about Black Ops 2, GTA V and Dexter, and also have a very spirited debate about The Walking Dead!

The running time is approximately 70 minutes (with explicit language used throughout). Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving to our listeners in the US!