Episode 27: The Launch


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Stop, Drop and Play. All three of the lads are in attendance this week as we have a special episode of Stop, Drop and Play. Along with all of our usual shenanigans we chat about Dead Space, the "future of Playstation" event next week, N64 memories, and much more. As alway, we also have a whole bunch of listeners questions from the folks over on MyIGN, thanks guys :D

Now none of this may seem out of ordinary or special to you at all, but this episode actually marks the official launch of the Stop Drop and Play website! That's right, we now have an area where we can bring our podcast, Youtube videos and writing all under one roof. There's not too much content available on it now but that's sure to change in the coming weeks so we'd love it if you could check it out by clicking the link below, maybe subscribe/follow and let us know what you think of!

The new Stop Drop and Play Website!!!

Well alright, this weeks episode of SDP is approximately 90 minutes long, with explicit language used throughout, and we hope you enjoy it!