Episode 44: Man of Steel


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Stop, Drop and Play! Now this is the second in a huge number of new episodes we are uploading today, and you may notice that we've skipped episode 43 completely. Well unfortunately due to the technical gremlins we mentioned in the last post, episode 43 is currently unavailable unfortunately. Hopefully we'll be able to publish it at a later date!

In this episode, we chat about two fantastic television shows; 24 and Supernatural which Michael and Damien are respectively watching through at the moment. We also chat a little about the passing of true acting great; James Gandolfini, give our thoughts on a potential Metal Gear Solid remake, discuss World War Z and many other topics! Our main topic of the week is all about Man of Steel, the long awaited Superman reboot.

The running time of the episode clocks in at around 70 minutes or so  (with explicit language used throughout) and hopefully you enjoy every minute of it. If you want to get in contact with us or have your question answered on the show, send an email to stopdropandplay@gmail.com, or hit us up on Facebook orTwitter. We look forward to hearing from you!