Episode 10: Booze, Wine and McNulty


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are delighted to bring you Stop, Drop and Play: Episode 10! We've had an absolute blast so far in our 10 "official" episodes, and we have special episode for you today. Along with talking about the news of the week (Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes anybody?), raging about whatever has pissed us off this week in "The Rage Files" and some other random events, we also have a big topic of the week segment about our favourite movies of the 90's. It's chock full of classic movies so make sure to check it out! Along with all of this, we answer questions from the great people over on MyIGN and also give details on how you can win some prizes by taking part in our quiz!

The running time is a bit longer than usual this week at approximately 95 minutes (with explicit language used throughout) and we hope you have as much fun listening to the show as we did while recording it.